Prof. Mario A. Nascimento and Dr. Theodoros Chondrogiannis visiting JGU

Prof. Mario A. Nascimento from University of Alberta, Canada and Dr. Theodoros Chondrogiannis from University of Konstanz, Germany will visit the Data Management group on February 13, 2019.


Mario A. Nascimento is a Full Professor at (and since July 2014 serves as Chair of) the University of Alberta's Department of Computing Science. He earned his PhD in 1996, and before joining the University of Alberta in 1999, he was a researcher with the Brazilian Agency for Agricultural Research and also an adjunct faculty member with the Institute of Computing of the University of Campinas. In addition, Mario has been a visiting professor at the National University of Singapore's School of Computing (Fall/2005), Aalborg University's Department of Computer Science (Winter/2006), LMU Munich (Fall/2013-Winter/2014) and also had an appointment as Visiting Professor at the Federal University of Ceara in Brazil (2013 and 2014). According to Google Scholar (as of July/2015) his publications have been cited 2,750+ times, earning him an H-index of 27. His main research interests lie in the areas of Spatio-Temporal Data Management and Data Management for Wireless Sensor Networks. Besides often serving as a program committee member for the main database conferences, and as (co-) chair of several workshops and symposia, Mario has also served as ACM SIGMOD's Information Director (2002-2005) and ACM SIGMOD Record's Editor-In-Chief (2005-2007). He is currently a member of the VLDB Journal's Editorial Board, the SSTD Endowment's Board of Directors, and has been a senior member of the ACM since 2007. Finally, he finds it amusing writing about himself in the third person.



Theodoros Chondrogiannis is a Post-doctoral research at the University of Konstanz, Germany. He studied computer science in his home country of Greece. He obtained his 4-year BSc degree in Computer Science and Technology with a focus on Software Systems from the Department of Computer Science and Technology of the University of Peloponnese in 2009, and his MSc degree in Advanced Information Systems from Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens in 2013.

In 2013, Theodoros was awarded a PhD fellowship from the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano and he started his PhD at the Faculty of Computer Science. In 2017, he completed successfully his PhD studies and received a doctorate for his thesis entitled Efficient Algorithms for Route Planning Problems on Road Networks. After his doctorate, he continued working as a postdoctolar researcher at the Faculty of Computer Science until December 2017, when he joined the University of Konstanz.


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