The group offers the following modules. The current schedule can be found in JOGU-StINe.



Database Systems
(Datenbanken I / Informationssysteme I)

Databases are a key technology in practical and applied computer science. Database management systems play an increasingly central role for businesses as a large part of companies‘ and user data are stored inside and managed by databases. Students will learn the principles of database management systems and how to use them. Special emphasis is placed on modelling and database design. In addition, focus is on learning the standard database language SQL which will enable students to apply the knowledge they have acquired in practice. More info...

Offered in SoSe 2022, SoSe 2021, SoSe 2020, SoSe 2019, SoSe 2018


Database Systems II / Non-Standard Database Systems
(Datenbanken II / Nicht-Standard-Datenbanken)

Offered in WiSe 2021/22, WiSe 2020/21, WiSe 2019/20



Database Systems Seminar
(Datenbanken Seminar)

Offered in WiSe 2018/19

DB II Seminar

Non-Standard Database Systems Seminar
(Nicht-Standard-Datenbanksysteme Seminar)

Offered in SoSe 2022, SoSe 2021, SoSe 2020

Labs (Praktika)

DB Lab

Database Systems Lab

This lab is offered as a follow-up module to the Database Systems class. Students will gain hands-on experience in building a complete information system on top of an RDBMS, which includes modelling and storing the data, and implementing an interactive and operational graphical user interface. For this purpose, students will use modern Web-based technologies and programming tools.

Offered in SoSe 2022, SoSe 2021, WiSe 2019/20, WiSe 2018/19